Minimalist Planning: Kitchen

We’re currently sans kitchen. There is no kitchen up in here. We have no kitchen. Kitchen-less.

We ripped it out over the weekend just past, we won’t have our new one installed until the weekend after this one coming.

We’ll be without da kitch for 14 days in all.

Everything has been removed and packed into boxes or moved into our under the stairs storage – lucky I went crazy with the decluttering or I don’t know where we would have found the space for it all.

With the new kitchen, I designed it with minimalism in mind. We’re going to be having less cupboards people. Far less storage capacity.

But you know what? There will still be enough. There will still be shed loads of space. We just have to think smart and get rid of duplicates and non-essentials.

For one my baking equipment is going, I bake at most once a year and I do not enjoy it. I enjoy the end product but I fail miserably every time I attempt to home bake myself. So for the space the kit and the stockpile of ingredients takes up.. Two shelves in our old kitchen… I’ll be getting rid.

We’ve also got a few duplicate appliances, blenders, dicers etc. And duplicate utensils that need to go.

Family have gotten into the habit of buying us mugs. I hate it. They are all mismatched and different sizes and it makes me antsy. I need to curb this behaviour. Nicely.

Glassware as well. I have an uncle that brings his own glass to family events. And then leaves it here for next time. Nuh uh Mr.

Take your sh*t home please.

Food waste is a big watch out for me. We waste too much. It’s hurting our bank balance and our health. But it also feels like a massive kick in the teeth for those who go without. Major guilt trips every time I waste. Why make myself feel so bad? Just meal plan, buy what we need and avoid all those special offers, 2 for £3, buy 1 get one free. Please, consider whether you actually need it first. I’d rather lose out on a saving that have such a lax attitude to life giving sustenance.

Dinnerware, J bought plates that don’t fit in the microwave, plus they wobble when placed on a flat surface. *Face Palm*. I hate to say it but I’m doing a full replace. Clearing out all our mismatched dinnerware and investing in quality, long lasting and well made items.

Same with cutlery, we have so much cutlery. The drawers are overflowing. We’ll buy new teaspoons and J will insist on holding onto the ones we already had as well. I need to put my foot down.

I’m a firm believer in having less stuff, which means more frequent washing, but lower quantities of washing. And amen to that. I’d much rather clean for 5 minutes twice daily then 1 hour twice weekly.

Then there’s decor, I’ve invested in counter uplifts and I’m going tile free. Just white walls and our uplift, maybe a backsplash or tiled column behind the hob. But otherwise bare.

Did I also mention we only have three wall cupboards on only one wall? Leaving our other wall to embrace the window, the other wall clear with just the extractor to add interest, and the other wall.. well we knocked that down.

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Defining Continued

Somehow it’s been two weeks again! Ack. I don’t know how it happens. I’m determined to make this blog focused and targeted in a bid to add value and create content that is tailored to suit a specific audience. I don’t think people will engage in the same random mish mash of thoughts and interests that are housed within my brain. But I’ve done the same thing I always so, I start a blog with no focus, I then zone in on an area naturally, I publicly declare that focus and then I lose interest.

Actually, I don’t think it is losing interest per se. Maybe more wimping out? It’s like once I announce my intention I scare myself off a bit, because what if I can’t think of content that suits, or I don’t have a photo that suit, or I write something fake out of a desire to fit into my focus area?

Basically, I think I need a wider focus, but I’d still like to have a blog that produces content that is likely to consistently appeal to a specific audience, rather than people visiting for one reason and then finding pointless posts that don’t fit into what they were looking for. Ultimately this isn’t a diary, it’s a collection of posts that are meant to add value. I’m not here to share my life story or my feelings or the behind the scene private gossip of my daily existence. That stuff is private. And by sharing it I become a commodity, my life becomes an item for people to consume. That’s not what this is about.

This is about me, well, preaching. Preaching about one area of my life that I believe is positive and which can help others who share the interests or are ready to make the switch.

The longer I spend as a ‘minimalist’ the longer I learn about the type of minimalist I am. And as that happens the more I am internally defining this blog. I have visited other minimalist blogs that just haven’t resonated with me because their version of minimalism isn’t the same as mine.

I would like to define my version of minimalism as ‘luxe minimalism with a focus on sustainability and ethics’. That’s the ethos I want to adopt. It’s less about saving money and living with items until they fall apart. Of course I don’t want excess and I don’t want clutter and I don’t believe in mindless consumption. But I do believe the positives of a beautiful interior and the positives of having quality items and the positives of supporting artists and creators and inventors or even big businesses with good intentions.

I want to invest in quality and I care about the aesthetic. So I will buy things from time to time, and that will be at the expense of removing an item that is still in good working order, simply because I would prefer a higher quality item that works with my interiors – eek. Sounds awful doesn’t it? I guess to offset the guilt I still want to focus on buying items from independent sellers or small stores wherever I can. But I won’t pretend there won’t be some big brands that I still utilise. I will make this work by ensuring the bigger brands I continue to buy from are underpinned by ethical and sustainable practices.

I hope you’ve managed to follow along with this post as I’ve meandered from my two week silence to wimping out of a focus to defining my focus more concretely… Basically to go back to where I started, I’ve had a busy couple of weeks with successful landing a new job plus multiple university assignments but that’s another story that’s not for the blog, and yeah still flying the minimalist flag. I’ll check in again soon.