Hi, I’m Catherine AKA Catherinny.

This is my little corner of the internet where I blog about my move towards minimalism.

I was inspired to make the switch to minimalism after weekend after weekend was spent tidying my home, evenings were spent mindlessly consuming TV and eating fast food and my relationships were starting to be neglected.

Minimalism to me isn’t just about reducing the number of things you have for the aesthetic pleasure. It was about simplifying my home and my lifestyle to make more room for the things that bring me joy and add value to my life and to others.

I want to prioritise more meaningful things. I want to make time for my friends and family and put down the smart phone to really talk and build meaningful relationships.

I want to spend evenings cooking healthy nutritious meals with my partner and walking our pooch, using spare time for my love affair with crochet and literature.

I want to stop spending money on unnecessary objects simply to ‘look the part’ or create the external appearance of success.

I want mornings to be slow and stress free with a simplified wardrobe, considered routine and time to contemplate the day ahead.

I want to reduce my impact on the world, cutting down waste, reducing my intake of meat, reducing packaging and being mindful of my consumption of our fast depleting resources – fuel, food, space and water included.

So I started on my minimalist journey, things change, some days I laze around and ‘waste time’ but every day my commitment to fully immersing myself into this lifestyle only increases.

I recognise the pitfalls, I understand the criticisms of the lifestyle.

But I believe you make it your own.

If you’d like to join me on my minimalist journey or just learn a little bit more about it then please sit down and have a good ol’ read. If you like what you see I’d love it if you could leave me a comment or give me a follow.

Thank you, wishing you a wonderful day. Remember – if you woke up today, you have good reason to be pretty darn happy.



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