Choose Less.


I had a bit of an epiphany. Wow I couldn’t spell that word then. Anyhow. Epiphany.

I’ve hit a brick wall lately with my warbrobe. I’ve reduced so much but I still feel like I have a lot of stuff. And each time I open my drawers or my wardrobe I have an internal discussion over whether there’s anything in there that can go, now do these thoughts sound familiar…

‘I’ve not worn that in ages, but I will wear it in summer’

‘I’ve not worn those in a while, but I know I have tops that work with it so it’s still useful’

‘I’ve got lots of trousers here, but it’ll help me mix up my work wardrobe over summer’

‘I don’t really have shoes that go with these… Sure you do, just wait until you want to wear them and then we’ll find the shoes’

And on and on we go. The excuses just pour.

But back to my epiphany. Today I had a little moment where I thought – Hold on a minute, I can simply choose less. I can make the conscious decision that yes they might be useful, and yes they might match other items, and yes I might have worn them in past seasons, and yes I might wear them again. But, (epiphany moment) I can choose not to. I can choose to have less choice.


Simple stuff right? But whilst those pale pink trousers do work well in summer and do match up with a couple of summer blouses, I can choose to not have them. I can choose to match those blouses with a pair of trousers that work for me year round instead.  I can take away that option and reduce the clutter in my wardrobe and the clutter in my mind through having to make all these wardrobe choices by doing so.

I can decide that my wardrobe doesn’t have 6 different coloured pairs of trousers because I have chosen not to wear pink trousers anymore. I’m happy with my black, navy and beige pairs, they go with more things, I wear them year round. They are more valuable than the once a month summer trousers, that are probably a bit tight and probably a bit too pale pink for my skin tone.

Yes, they are useful. Yes, I would probably wear them again if I kept them.

But I choose not to.

I choose less.

2 thoughts on “Choose Less.

  1. Now this is a beautiful epiphany. Thanks for sharing.

    It’s simplicity itself! The big shifts in letting go always seem to come when we break through the head stuff clutter. This is my personal area of challenge currently.


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