Three less things.

This weekend saw us release three more items from our home.

A lamp.

A cushion.

A framed poster (poster and frame included).

The lamp is an item we bought shortly after we bought our current house. We loved it, I think I could still love it, I definitely still find it likeable, its easy on the eye, very bright and modern and non-fussy.

But in the last three years of us living here it’s never found a home. We’ve tried it out in multiple rooms and in multiple locations, but it just doesn’t seem to fit anywhere and we don’t really have an area that needs it. So like a poor little lamp orphan it’s been carting about the place and left untouched for months at a time.

The poor guy needs some love, and he’s found it. My mother has kindly adopted him as he’ll work quite nicely in her modern/industrial vibe extension.

The cushion. Well, truth be told, that cushion has lived under the stairs for the last 18 months, gathering dust and dog hair. It was bought for us as a house warming type gift as part of a pair. It’s pair made its way to my mothers (theme here?) a long time ago and I think I’m going to send this one over to join it. My nephew does love the cushion’s pair after all, he just doesn’t like the one at my house… Very strange. But we all agree he’ll probably love it equally once it sits on Nanna’s sofa.

The framed poster. I have had the frame for almost a year now but never decided on something to fill it, it’s an A3 frame so I wanted a poster. A few months ago a work conference took me to an RAF museum which had a delightful little gift shop. So I picked up one of those fake war style ‘your country needs you’ type posters, thinking it was a nice reminder of my visit but also a nice nod to our heritage and the past.

J hated it.

It didn’t want to be displaying an item in our home that seemed ‘pro-war’ even if it was for a historical war. He just didn’t agree with us portraying that kind of message to future guests. And after thinking it over.. firstly he’s right, we aren’t pro-war and whilst I utterly respect those who served in the World Wars, war isn’t something that I want to become a talking point in our home. And secondly, if J didn’t like it, it wasn’t likely to ever find itself being displayed within our shared home.

So there we go, we now have three less things.

Happy Wednesday!

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