Simple Morning Routine

I’m a big believer in starting the day right. I want to wake up feeling refreshed, take my time to wake up, look after myself and head out to work feeling organised and ready to tackle the day ahead.

As such I keep my morning routine nice and simple. If you want some tips, here are the five things that I recommend.

  1. A good morning routine starts the night before.

We have a canteen at work but it makes it so easy to eat unhealthy foods and the cost soon adds up, I worked out that when I spent all week using the canteen I was easily spending £20 a week on my lunch at a minimum. And most of the mega huge portions were ending up in the bin! So the night before work I like to prep a nice healthy lunch, it’s cheaper, helps me stay healthy and avoid processed foods and sugary drinks and it avoids food waste by using what we have at home and managing my own portions. I also pack an afternoon snack for sweet tooth cravings, usually natural yoghurt with different toppings. Oh – and don’t forget a water bottle. I used to buy a can of fizzy pop every day for 70p. I added that up and that’s about £175 a year I would spend on cans of sugar. I’m really trying to kick my sugar addiction lately and having that figure in mind helps keep me on the water!

If you haven’t downsized your wardrobe yet then I’d also take the time to plan your outfit, but since I removed over three bin bags worth of clothing back last year I find it super quick and easy to select an outfit for the day.

2. Sleep

Personally I aim for seven hours of sleep each night as my ideal amount. I wake up at 6am and since it usually takes me a while to drift off I make sure I’m in bed for 10:30pm to give myself the best chance of hitting that seven hour marker. A common mistake I used to make was to go to bed at the very last second, it adds stress to your routine which only makes it harder to fall asleep, eating into those all important hours.

3. Put down the devices

It’s hard and I still slip up but once you get between those sheets, ignore the screens! Now is the time to wind your brain down not ramp it up, so no phones, no tablets, no TV. Keep it simple. Personally I’ve started to really enjoy having this little slice of time to enjoy my own thoughts and reflections on the day. If I’m really struggling to fall asleep, I always find I drift off if I imagine a happy future event, such as planning an amazing holiday, what I’d do if I had the day off tomorrow, books I’d like to read, crafting etc.

4. Leisure time

We wake up at six as J leaves the house much earlier than me, this means I have two whole hours before I need to set off for work. At first I hated that I was being woken up so early so unnecessarily. But it’s part of living with the person you love and I’ve come to enjoy having so much time to start my day. It means that my mornings don’t just have to be about getting ready to go to work, I get to have some me time as well. I often read for half an hour, some mornings I will do some crocheting and I always get to take a leisurely morning walk with the dog.

5. Order

I’ve found my mornings go smoothly because I have an order. I always carry out my routine in a set order and it means that I know how long things tend to take and I know where I should be up to by what time, meaning I am never late.

So, here’s my order..

  • Make the brews – I start off by making tea and coffee for myself and J
  • Read/Crochet – Whilst J showers I like to read through blogs or do some crafting
  • Shower – I take a shower every morning, I used to shower at nights but I found I always feel wide awake after a shower so it made sense to move it to be part of my mornings
  • Dress – Now I have fewer clothes choosing an outfit takes seconds, I don’t iron after washing my clothes so it’s nice to have time in the morning to iron any items that have gotten creased
  • Make up and hair – I have a fairly simple make up routine and stick to a handful of products so again this doesn’t take long. I also fix my hair, though its so fine that by the time I make it to work it’s usually lost all it’s shape 😦
  • Teeth – I like to brush my teeth towards the end of my morning routine, it would ruin my morning cuppa’ otherwise!
  • Walk the dog – Me and Eric take our morning stroll around our local park, you always see the same old faces in the mornings so we’ve gotten to be on speaking terms with most other morning dog walkers – though Eric still growls at all the other dogs
  • Check my bag and grab my lunch – I always make sure I have everything in my bag that I might need before leaving the house, building this step into my routine also means that I never forget my packed lunch, I like to do this last so that it’s time out of the fridge is kept to a minimum
  • Drive – Off to work we go

And that’s my order! When I’m feeling on top form I will sometimes kick things off with a morning run, but that means getting up at 5:30 and that usually goes out the window in the cold winter months.

Do you have a morning routine? What steps would you suggest I add to keep things simple but get the most from my mornings?


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