What do you do?

In line with my commitment to be more accountable for my time I’ve been thinking a lot about how I fill my time currently as opposed to how I’d like to fill my time. I recently read Everything That Remains by The Minimalists, in the book they question how we answer the question ‘What do you do?’ and how this implicitly means ‘What is your job title?’. They posit that we could approach this question in a number of ways and encourage us to instead answer this question with the things we do that we are truly passionate about – of course in the ideal world our job and our passion will be one in the same but for many this isn’t the case.

Personally, I do enjoy my job and I’m in the field I’m interested in but it’s not my passion in the way it is the passion of others in my team. I am much more passionate about writing and crafting and in my dream world those are the things I would do full time.

With this in mind and my mission to hold myself more accountable for how I use my time, I am committing to focus more on my hobbies than ‘time-wasting’ activities like watching TV and surfing Social Media – these activities are only classed as a waste for me because they do not bring me joy, this isn’t necessarily the case for everyone, I know many people who are real film and TV buffs and that is their hobby – however I love to write and craft mainly in the forms of my blog, fiction writing and crocheting. I could dabble in other crafts as well and I have done on occasion but I always come back to crochet and this year I will be focusing solely on improving my crochet skills.

And so I have decided four things in support of my focus for next year:

  1. To focus this blog on Minimalism

I am still completely passionate about minimalist and simple living and it’s a real emphasis in my focus areas for this year so I will be tailoring my blog to focus solely on my minimalist and simple living pursuits.

Another reason for focusing more on minimalism is because I am passionate about sharing my experiences and promoting the message and have found there are only a handful of well-known minimalist sites out there and I want to join the team of people working to support these ‘big blogs’ to spread the message, I’ve also found it hard to find any minimalist blogs written by people in the UK so I want to bolster the forces here as well!

At the end of the day I believe this blog will evolve as my journey continues but I want to make a determined effort to share more about Minimalism and how it impacts my lifestyle, not just what I’ve decluttered.

2. To blog separately on Crochet

I have set up a separate blog for my crochet journey, I love crochet and the craft community and want to share this with others, however I know that minimalism and crochet aren’t necessarily interests that go hand in hand for others and I want to ensure that both my blogs are adding the most value for my readers.

3. To finish the first draft on my novel

I had a dream about five years ago, and it inspired a novel that I have obsessed about ever since. I’ve told the tale a million times in my own mind and have attempted to get it down on paper multiple times, every time I hit a wall with it not being good enough or due to new ideas and twists I hadn’t originally thought of, this year I will write the first draft and I fully expect it to be horrendous, but that will be because it’s the first draft and I am accepting that it will need redrafting and editing multiple times – but to get to that stage, you need to start somewhere.

4. To sell my crochet items

Finally, I have had a Etsy shop for a few months but other than listing a couple of items I have completely neglected it. My items get a handful of views each month but I haven’t sold anything. As a minimalist and a crafter I don’t want to keep all the things that I make, and as I will be making more than usual by focusing my time on my interests it makes sense for me to sell the excess and hopefully bring others joy with a beautiful handmade gift for themselves or a loved one.

So that will be what I do in 2017 – I blog, I write and I crochet. Among other things of course…

One thought on “What do you do?

  1. What about putting a link here to your shop Catherinny? I’m a maker – born and bred that way. I sold some of my jewellery on e-bay at one stage. I did really well, to my surprise, but got ill and had to quit. I never picked up on it again and several pieces from that era still haunt my drawer!
    I have also thought about etsy, but right now the decluttering is taking up all of my time.
    Being a maker is a real problem for me as it constantly appears to block my decluttering on so many levels!
    I’m thinking one could maybe make things to order? Have one example only and then be willing to customise.
    Maybe minimalist – or striving minimalist makers like myself could swap things with each other – based on needs? One could work out ways of balancing things out – swaps could be part ‘the item’ and part money if one thing had more value in terms of materials etc than the other?
    Are there ways to bring minimalism into the picture? I know I have quit buying anything. It was a biggie for me. But in my heart I yearn to support others that are makers because these are not just ‘items’…these are little songs of peoples spirits. And I personally love things that sing. I would rather have one beautiful thing from a maker to cherish, than a mass produced item. I’d happily bin three other things for it too! Maybe our making could help those like ourselves actually let go, in a strange kind of roundabout way?

    I don’t know. This has been a long response and I don’t know if it makes any sense. I’m just throwing out random thoughts because I accept my making is never going to stop – not till I am dead anyway!

    My personal quandry is I got on the decluttering path solely to create more space to create and make! But I live in fear of reaching that point too. Oh, the irony! There has to be a way to make that does not just end up in another spat of being overwhelmed by the storage of materials, tools and end products.

    There has to be. Any ideas anyone?


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