The Mins Game – Week 4

Hi guys, I’m really late with my final update for this as we’ve been having a bit of a nightmare with a gas leak at home, meaning no hot water, central heating, shower or oven/hob! So we’ve been busy dealing with that and sorting the house out ready for the engineers to come round next week.

In terms of the Mins Game I only got up to Day 27 before disaster struck and I haven’t yet managed to catch up! I do still plan to finish the challenge though so will hopefully get back on track once everything’s back in place around the house and we’re spending a bit more time at home instead of retreating to friends and family for warmth, hot food and hot water.

We’ll hopefully get round to decorating for Christmas next week too and I plan to be taking a much more minimalist approach than in previous years so maybe some festive decorations will help me with the Mins Game!

Anyway here’s an update for Day 22 to Day 27.


Day 22 – 2 books, 1 sewing box, 1 cardboard box, 1 bib, 1 lanyard, 1 old diary, 1 (more) pack of cards, 1 canvas picture, 2 photo frames, 1 bracelet, 7 pends, 1 gift tag and 1 gift bag.


Day 23 – More than 23 appliance manuals, all unneeded!


Day 24 – 1 sequin bag, 7 magazines, 1 dish towel, 1 spare button, 1 folder, 1 pair of boots, 7 balls of yarn, 1 practice model hexagon shelf, 4+ more manuals.

I finally replaced my boots whose soles were wearing out with some more long lasting boots gifted to me by my mum, they didn’t fit her right but are perfect on me, I feel so great about this switch as I’ve replaced something that needed to go without having to buy more! Reuse people! Also with the yarn, I have held onto this as I had enough skeins to make something substantial, however after sitting down to make a monochrome scarf I discovered it was awful to work with – the yarn was really split-y and felt very plastic-y (great vocab). This showed me the opposite side of taking on other people’s cast offs as this was also gifted to me and now I know why! Reinforced the message – don’t feel obliged to take on things people want to give away if you don’t love or need them.


Day 25 – A bit of a mish mash today. 1 cork notice board (we had this on a kitchen wall that no longer exists – reno!) 2 cleaning rags, 1 cleaning toothbrush, 1 bottle cleaning product, 1 tester paint pot, 4 key rings and no longer needed key, 3 sets of post its, 1 used diffuser, 6 crochet bunting triangles (unfinished project from years ago), 2 crochet phone cases (experimental crochet, not very pretty), 1 crochet owl (cute but not needed), 1 remote (for the stereo we already threw out after it broke), 1 ball of yarn.


Day 26 – 1 handbag, 1 pile felt scraps, 1 storage tub, 2 odd gloves, 1 scarf, 4 tops, 1 pencil case, 1 magnet, 1 out of date (but all time fav) nail polish, another set of cards, 12 items of stationary.

Day 27 – On day 27 I cleared out our box file of confidential papers, such as mortgage statements, bank statements, insurance, bills etc. I have chosen not to share that photo due to the confidential nature of the information but I can assure you it was a might pile. I truly believe paper clutter counts in this challenge as it can be one of the biggest stress causers around our home, it builds up so quickly and spreads everywhere!

So that’s where I got up to, I have had a little pile building for Day 28 whilst we’ve been sorting the house over the last week ready for the gas repairs so it shouldn’t be too long before I manage to finish things off and round up for you guys.

Did anyone play along in November and manage to finish on time?

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