Real Techniques ‘Brush Cleansing Gel’ review

I had to post about this because it is incredible!

My make up brushes were disgusting, I had gone far too long without giving them a proper clean, one of them even started to get a bit smelly. And you know when they have a little globule of make up build up clumping up the end of the bristles. Yeah. Disgusting. Very ashamed.

I was at the point of giving up on them, they seemed beyond salvation. I went out with the intention of replacing them and starting anew. But make up brushes are hella expensive guys and my new minimalist outlook was creeping in. Did I really need to replace all my brushes just because they needed cleaning? Excessive consumption right?

So, my eye was instead drawn to this make up brush cleanser. I use the Real Technique brushes and love them, so the Real Technique Brush Cleansing Gel seemed an obvious choice. I did wonder if this too was excessive, could I not just use soap? But given the state of them I knew I needed a purpose built product. So I splashed out a mighty £7 and made the purchase.

It then sat in my bathroom cabinet for two weeks as the weekends came and went and I kept forgetting to set a make up free evening aside for brush drying time.

But this weekend just gone, I was having a real purge, catching up on The Mins Game and the time came when the brushes got their clean.

It took me about half an hour to do all my brushes, with four main daily use brushes and about 6 brushes for eyes and contour that I use less often.

I started off with a water only rinse, which turned a surprising ugly orange shade fairly quickly. I then did a quick wash with soap for them all, which got out a little bit more product but they still weren’t pretty. I then busted out this bad boy.

For each brush I squeezed a small amount into my palm and swilled the brush round in it and then rinsed and swilled a few times and repeated as needed. I found I knew they were clean when the gel started to really lather up.

Once the water was running clear (a bloody miracle!) I set the brushes aside to dry.

They were ready for use by Sunday, and boy oh boy. They feel so new. They smell great, they were all beautiful clean and ever so soft.

I am converted. And I promise I will now keep on top of them and will wash my brushes every week. Pinky promise.

It might help my skin out too….

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