The Mins Game – Week 2

Things have started getting tough guys. Well I say that, every day I think – there is nothing more I’ll never complete tomorrow – but then tomorrow comes and I keep going!

Here’s a breakdown of Day 8 – 14…


Day 8 – I made a rule that things I would be throwing away anyway don’t count – shame as I think the amount of receipts I’ve cleared this month could have got me half way! But things that I have been holding onto – even if technically rubbish I would count. So Day 8 saw me finally say goodbye to my used up bottles of perfume – which I kept because the smells reminded me of different times in my life! Barmy – luckily I remember my teenage years well enough without some empty bottles of perfume. Along with the perfume went the box I stored them in, an odd door handle (we broke it’s pair so replaced the two with new handles but I kept this one for some reason) and a water bottle, since we have plenty.


Day 9 – 1 pair of shoes that don’t fit, an old foundation bottle that I was holding onto just in case it magically refilled, a pair of socks, a very old blusher and a very old bronzer, an old pen, a freebie moisturiser, a handle strap for my bag that I’ve never used and never would have used (I like a short strap) and a strap for my purse – again unused.


Day 10 – Two cushion inserts, another old blusher, an eyeshadow palette, old chapstick, random spoon I found in my makeup drawer (?), a spare dog collar that’s too small anyhow, a padlock and key, a memento quote book and an unfinished free cross stitch kit.


Day 11 – A magazine, a faux fur snood, a storage tin, a broken radio, an old air freshener, halloween props, a cross stitch kit I’ve been meaning to finish (such a weight lifted now it’s gone), a pen, an ink and stamp set (I could never get the hang of using them and always made a mess which was so frustrating!!!), some free mini wool skeins and some miscellaneous stickers, craft bits that I grouped as one.


Day 12 – An old bed sheet, an old damaged handbag, body lotion, fake blood, old glasses case, necklace I don’t like, an eyeshadow, old pair of glasses, a notebook, a glass lid (Where’s the jar? Anyone?), a storage tub and a belt.


Day 13 – Big sob. My entire collection of ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’. I kept saying I would re-read them all one day. This week I realised I’ve been saying that now for at least 8 years…. Whoops. Time for someone else to enjoy them! Books need to be read people, it’s for their own good!


Day 14 – More old bedding, a cardigan, a running t shirt, a scarf, a dress, another dress, an odd sock, a pair of shorts, some underwear, a pair of socks, more underwear, another dress, a felt heart decoration and a pair of lacy PJs that were neither practical or attractive.

And breathe! I cannot believe all of that stuff was lurking around my house and is now out the door. As ever I have recycled or donated or gifted to others wherever possible and only thrown those items that were broken, damaged or I just didn’t see a further use for – looking at you underwear.

I am starting to see a difference around the house now in some areas, other areas still don’t look any different. So on we go into week 3!

Is anyone else playing along this month? Comment your progress below!

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