Mins Game – Week 1

Hi! Slightly late with my progress update on my experience of The Mins Game so far.. I have been really struggling to motivate myself to do anything lately, I’m struggling to be productive at work, ignoring my piles of homework, letting chores slide and generally just moping around or getting stuck in a TV coma. It feels really disgusting so I’m desperately trying to break out of it. Which is harder than it sounds sometimes.


Week 1 of the Mins Game was fairly easy, I had to stop myself from getting too carried away sometimes and remind myself that the game will get harder so save that clutter for tomorrow!

So far the clutter I have removed isn’t noticeable as you look around, I’m hoping that by the end of the month I can see a real difference but I’ll have to let you know. Maybe I have a tonne more stuff than I thought.

So here’s a breakdown of the items that I cleared from Day 1 to Day 7…


Day 1 saw some more bedding hit the recycling pile…


On Day 2 we lost the jumper I’ve been holding onto for too long despite having not worn it in years and a scarf that I received as a gift last year but doesn’t really work with my usual style and choices.


Day 3 recycled an old t-shirt, a pair of trousers and some ankle length jeans that have always been too tight.


On Day 4 we lost a crop jumper (I will never again buy anything cropped I never wear that style), a lone baby sock of my nephew’s that wouldn’t fit anymore, some old wrapping paper and a card that I mean to use every year but every year passes and I buy a new one and forget about this one.


On Day 5 I cleared off 5 of our fridge magnets, mainly all gifts from places we haven’t actually been… plus we don’t own a cat… when we install our new kitchen we’ll have a built in fridge so there’ll be nowhere for our magnets so we may as well clear out now!


On Day 6 we lost a pack of cards – we have multiple. A photo frame that I’ve never even attempted to fill. A wristband for a weekly organised run that I only went to once. A small glass dish that has no purpose. A tub of hair product that I don’t use. And finally a decorative ornament that had nowhere to live other than inside a drawer.


And finally, Day 7 saw the removal of 6 old coat hangers (we only use wooden hangers now – I like the look of them more) and an old marker pen.

And that’s week 1! 28 items recycled, donated to new homes, or in the case of the old pen – thrown in the bin. Roll on week 2.

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