‘Clinique: Take the day off cleansing balm’ Review

I have been using Clinique make up products for about ten months now and when I first made the switch I noticed a real improvement to my skin, but overtime this seems to have worn off as my skin has gotten used to it. So I figured it must be time to up the ante.

I decided to add a Clinique Cleanser into my routine. I didn’t want to go for something targeted at bad skin as I didn’t want anything too harsh or drying (my skin has major tantrums) so I opted for the ‘Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm’. It’s £25 for a tub and I’d say it’s lasted me about two months – and I use quite a lot of it. On holiday I used it about three times a day with all the make up switching and midday showers!

To give the cleanser it’s due it does exactly what it says it does. Your make up literally melts away and it is a really nice product to massage into your face. The lack of any kind of scent is a bit odd and I do find you get a strange after smell (probably because I use too much of it) it’s hard to the describe the smell I get from my skin afterwards – I’d have to say a waxy smell? But nevertheless it’s worth it for the top notch make up removal. Your skin feels clean man.

Unfortunately I won’t be repurchasing as it has had no impact on the condition of my skin whatsoever. Even with all that supreme make up removal compared to my make up wipes – still no beneficial effects for the old spots and pigmentation/scarring.

So I’ll be switching it up pretty soon. I’ll probably go back to the Una Brennan Vitamin C range as that always seems to work for a good few months – but once my pesky skin gets used to it I can never seem to find that follow up product to keep the cycle of skin improvement going!

I really want to try some Oskia products but I need to try and have some money left in my bank account by the end of the month first. Wowzers that stuff’s expensive.

But I digress.

Take the Day Off – Good cleanser, does it’s job, no skin improvements but also didn’t cause my very temperamental skin to flare up which is very rare for me when trying something new. So if you have skin of a good condition and are just seeking a nice gentle cleanser I’d give this a bash – just make sure you have a good moisturiser as it can feel a tad drying and I wouldn’t want to mess up your balance and cause a breakout!

As always – not a sponsored post just an honest opinion.

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