Minimal Curiosity

In typical fashion, I have found something new to obsess over and devote too much time to just as I returned to Uni for my second year of full time study (yes, mentioning once again that I work full time and study full time #sorrynotsorry)

So my new obsession is… Minimalism.

I’m well and truly on the full steam ahead train to a minimalist lifestyle. I am currently reading about ten minimalist living articles a day and have taken my Pinterest Home board off in a whole different direction.

So, why?

Do you ever find yourself waking up on a weekend and agreeing with your SO/Housemate/Self that today you will dedicate your free time to cleaning up your filthy little home? I do. Regularly. And we follow through. We’ll spend hours cleaning the house.

But do you know what I found?

Every time we set the day aside for cleaning we’d use up most of the time tidying. Not cleaning. We’d be clearing clutter, sorting through paperwork, putting things back in the right place, refolding all the clothes in a determined effort to make them fit in the drawers and scouring the house for missing cups.

By the time we were finished tidying there was little time left to be devoted to actually cleaning. You know, wiping the smears off windows and mirrors, dusting skirting boards and window sills, shining your taps and hob, removing hair from shower drains, washing up, laundry. Proper cleaning, not simply moving possessions around the house.

And it showed. Our house which we’d spent the full day cleaning was still a filthy little thing and by the time the next weekend rolled around we’d be committing a whole other day of free time to doing it all over again.

But we never made a significant dent because there is/was so much stuff!

So that’s why. That was the main reason that pushed me to dive head first into minimalism. Our house was filthy and too much of our limited free time was being devoted to cleaning it. And it was still filthy.

I’ll keep you updated on our progress.

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