Back in May when I was revising for my end of year uni exams I got to talking about Absurdist Theatre, a beautiful little style of theatre that’s captured my heart. During my revision sessions this little quote really resonated with me and it’s played on my mind ever since:

Aren’t we all a bit guilty? Of falling into the trap of convential life? Living the 9-5 to pay the mortgage and buy our clothes and upgrade our cars. And yes, I believe in God, but isn’t it all a bit meaningless?

I’m not fully bought into existentialism (see God comment above). I don’t believe that life is meaningless. But the consumerist life? Yes. Yes I do think that’s meaningless. It all expires. There’s always an upgrade to work for and at the end of all that working and upgrading of possessions you simply die. And all that stuff is left behind. And realising that is tragic. Massively tragic.

But if we realise it soon enough we can avoid the trap. We don’t need to live in this absurd reality or consumerism. We can live. Live simply, live beautifully, live honestly. I truly believe that all you own, all you truly own are your feelings, your emotions, your memories and your relationships. Everything else can be taken away and broken by forces outside of your control. But the stuff you can’t hold in your hand. That’s the stuff that’s stays with you. And that’s the stuff that we should spend our lives working on.

Building relationships.

Embracing our emotions.

Owning your feelings.

And creating beautiful memories.

Empty your online shopping trolley and book a holiday instead. Scrap the holiday wardrobe and book an activity for every day of your trip.

Cut up the credit card and spend time instead of money. Visit friends, take walks, garden, draw, write, swim, dance, sing, laugh and cry.

Become conscious in every moment, and find happiness in every second.