Moving as a Minimalist

Quick life update: I’ve finished the degree, so of course I’ve decided to keep busy and sell our house!

We’ve just begun the house selling and buying process, ours is sold and our offer on our future home is accepted. We have the average 12 weeks ahead of us now where you conduct searches and surveys, secure your mortgage and sort all the legalities.

I am honestly so excited for this move, not just because I think we’ve found our forever home, but because of the opportunity it gives us to reevaluate our current possessions and do another huge declutter.

As I mentioned back in March we seem to have built up on the clutter yet again and I’ve been struggling to get it under control. I’m at the stage where I know I’m not using certain things but they’re the things that have survived about 5 rounds of severe decluttering already and something is holding me back.

However, when it comes to packing these items into boxes and then unpacking them at the other end I think I’ll be able to be much more objective. Who wants to spend the time on things they don’t need or care about?!

Plus I know how disheartening I will find it to watch the big empty rooms of the new house get slowly filled up with stuff. And the only way to reduce the distress of that it to make sure that every item that enters our new home is one that we love and value.

I’ll be sharing my top tips for moving as a minimalist once we reach the packing/unpacking stage of the game, in the meantime if you’ve recently moved share your tips with me in the comments!

What life event has given you the kick up the behind to get your decluttering hat on?


Minimalism in 2018

We’re in March – does it still count as being a new year?!

Where has the time gone guys. I am in shock. What’s more shocking is that my final 2 uni essays are due in this month, and my dissertation. The end is well and truly in sight. I have (almost) made it.

I just have to stick out these last few months now until the exams are over and then phew! I will get my evenings and weekends back.

On the agenda for when that happens we have:

  • Crochet again (I haven’t picked up my hooks in months and I’m wondering what passion it was that made my keep all the wool?)
  • Read. I have been reading of course, but read more! And always for fun not study! Yay!
  • Run. I started running not long before starting my degree and whilst I’ve taken part in quite a few 10KM races in that time, over the last 9 months (at least) I haven’t been running at all – unless you include chasing the dog on the few occasions he’s escaped. My bad.

And most importantly…

  • Play the Mins Game! Things have been hectic round here and the place feels messy about 98% of the time. We were gifted a lot of stuff over the holidays (I love the gifters but I do wish they’d listen to me…) we also seem to have inherited lots of stray possessions that do not belong to us (such things include TWO dining chairs, a plug in radiator, a travel cot and mattress, a fan heater, make up brushes and a pair of trainers. ALL MUST GO!

Whilst I haven’t posted on here about minimalism in ageeeeessss. It remains a big part of my life and I am still committed to simplifying my day to day, cutting my waste and being more mindful.

So this is just a quick note to say – normal minimalist content will resume shortly, thanks for bearing with me, and long may minimalism reign in 2018.